Jesenske barve Varšave: polet iz Ljubljane + 5 x nočitev z zajtrkom v hotelu 5* + doživetja + transferji

Jesenske barve Varšave: polet iz Ljubljane + 5 x nočitev z zajtrkom v hotelu 5* + doživetja + transferji

Odkrijte skrivnostno evropsko prestolnico

Kako se počutite ob misli, da že dolgo niste bili na potovanju? Vas mogoče skrbi, da še nekaj časa ne bomo mogli na pot? Ob tem pa hrepenite po tem ...Zavedamo se, kako dragocena so potovanja, in kako pomembna so doživetja, ki jih prinašajo. Zato vas vabimo na potovanje – v eno najbolj skrivnostnih evropskih prestolnic: Varšavo.

Varšava je idealna za popoln mestni oddih. Je zakladnica zgodovine in sodobna metropola obenem. Poljska prestolnica je mesto slikovitih nasprotij in številnih doživetij, ki vabijo k odkrivanju. Brez množic turistov pa ponuja še toliko prijetnejši odmik od vsakdana.

Predstavljajte si, kako se brezskrbno sprehajate po tem romantičnem mestu, radovednost vas vodi od doživetja do doživetja: od sprehodov po palačah in galerijah, ki jemljejo sapo, do Chopinovega koncerta, ki nahrani dušo, vrhunske kulinarike, ki razvaja brbončice, in nepozabnih večernih zabav, ki sklenejo dan.

Dobrodošli v Varšavi, sodobni prestolnici!

Če si želite doživeti kraje, kjer so nekoč živeli izza »železne zavese«, morate obiskati Varšavo. To živahno mesto se rado poigra z obiskovalcem, saj se mu zazdi, da se je tod časovni stroj hitro zavrtel v prihodnost. Že lep čas je Varšava svetovljansko mesto, ki ga ne obidejo niti svetovne zvezde, kot so denimo Rolling Stones in Madonna. Z glasbo, ki poživlja dogajanje, kulinariko v vrhunskih restavracijah, zabavo in bivanjem v razkošnih hotelih z najsodobnejšo velneško ponudbo je nekakšna mešanica New Yorka in Dunaja. S tem privlači sodobne popotnike, ki si želijo nekaj novega in drugačnega. Kdor si želi raziskovanja, zanj je jesenski (pa tudi zimski) obisk Varšave idealna izbira za mestni oddih!

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Your day to day

30/10/2020 ECONOMY
Ljubljana / 17:10
LOT Polish Airlines LO 618 LOT Polish Airlines
1h 40m 0 PC Nonstop
18:50 Warsaw Okecie
30/10/2020 04/11/2020


About the city

The image of Warsaw as a grey concrete jungle, a wasteland of homes in the Soviet era, does not correspond with the reality of the last 15 years of this vibrant city. This metropolis has much more to offer, many things to visit, an impressive cultural scene and a lively nightlife. Warsaw is looking ahead leaving its Soviet past in the past where it belongs. At the end of World War II, 85% of the city was in ruins and the city had to undergo a major reconstruction. The successful reconstruction received recognition in 1980 when UNESCO declared the Old Town of Warsaw World Heritage Site. Located in the Mazowieckie province, in central-eastern Poland, the city is unevenly divided by the Vistula River. Most tourist attractions are on the left bank of the river, while on the right bank we have the up and coming elegant district of Prague. The epicentre of Warsaw for visitors is the so-called Royal Route (Trakt Królewski), which runs north-south from the New and Old Towns, past the elegant Nowy Swiat shops, palaces that survived the war and the royal gardens Lazienki Park, before arriving at the Wilanów Palace, to the south of the city centre. The city also has many green spaces with lush lakeside parks where rowing boats sail during the sunny summer days and where visitors can find plenty of al-fresco cafes. In the parks, free classical music concerts are also held, with big audiences, a scene that is far from the somber images of communist-era Warsaw. Today the city offers an amazing nightlife, young locals dress elegantly to head to the cool bars and groovy clubs in the city. It is definitely a city that vibrates as soon as the sun goes down. Although some people claim that Krakow has the beauty, Warsaw has the culture, the energy and the action.

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Transfer from airport to accommodation

Private Luxury (Sedan)

Sofitel Warsaw Victoria

  • At 1.2 km from the center
  • Krolewska 11, Varsovie 00-065
A stay at Sofitel Warsaw Victoria places you in the heart of Warsaw, within a 15-minute walk of University of Warsaw and Royal Castle. This 5-star hotel is 0.8 mi (1.2 km) from Copernicus Science Centre and 1.4 mi (2.3 km) from Palace of Culture and...
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  • CLASSIC ROOM, 1 King Size Bed (1)


  • 5 Accommodation nights

4 Activities

Chopin’s Concerts in Unique Concert Hall

day 2 - Concert - Ticket (19:00)

Fryderyk Concert Hall Warsaw is a special place where exceptional events take place. The role of event organisers, in such an unique space, is to provide participants with an unforgettable atmosphere. The neoclassical interior creates the perfect combination with an excellent Steinway concert grand piano. Thanks to this, the Fryderyk Concert Hall is the perfect place to organise classical music concerts.

An unique concert hall in the Old Town

Located in Warsaw’s Old Town and decorated with 19th century-style interiors, the Fryderyk Concert Hall is a cosy space conducive to enjoying a musical genius. At the focal point of the room, there is a Steinway piano, which is undoubtedly the most important object in the room. On the wall behind the piano, a portrait of Fryderyk Chopin watches over both listeners and the musician sitting at the piano.

Stucco walls and elegant mirrors also create an unique atmosphere. This unique effect is complemented by numerous gildings on the ceiling and crystal chandeliers hanging above the heads of the audience. Sparse furniture provides a sense of space. Guests of the Fryderyk Concert Hall in Warsaw sit on designer chairs designed by Philipp Starck, while in the back of the room there is a table made in the style of Napoleon III.

As you walk through the doors, you will step into the era of Chopin for a two-part ensemble of Chopin’s greatest pieces played by internationally recognized pianists.

During the intermission, you will be invited to a glass of sparkling wine, orange juice, or water.

This concert is both a perfect start and/or finishing touch to a romantic evening in the Old Town.

If you are starting your night with the concert, you may choose to end it in one of the many restaurants that our beautiful old town has to offer.


Neon Museum Visit

day 3 - General - Ticket (14:00)

A brilliantly illuminating (ha!) private initiative by London-based photographer Ilona Karwińska and graphic designer David S. Hill to salvage Poland’s culturally significant neon signs of the 1960’s-70’s from the dustbin of history.

During the post-Stalin years these neons were seen as symbols of economic success and the strive towards a more open and culturally relaxed society. The glowing signs, designed by some of Poland’s top architects and designers, advertised products, cinemas, dancehalls, restaurants and cocktail bars and also served as local landmarks. The post-communist years saw a scant disregard for anything connected to that era, many buildings were demolished and the beautiful neons were simply tossed into skips or left in states of disrepair to rot away. Luckily, Karwińska and Hill saw the significance of these artefacts and have managed to save over 200 neons and around 500 letterforms from certain destruction. The museum is also home to a huge archive of documentation, blueprints, photographs and original plans relating to the history of these signs.

The permanent collection contains hundreds of fully restored and dazzling neon signs, as well as other electro-graphic artefacts; many of which were designed by the great graphic artists of the age – many of whom were responsible for the world-famous Polish Poster School. When you visit the Neon Museum you will be astonished by the sheer inventiveness and unique characteristics of a hitherto unknown art form – which was born from revolution, served as state propaganda, and were ubiquitous in Poland's post-war period.

Housed in the super cool Soho Factory complex, the museum is certainly a one of a kind experience and well worth a visit for anyone interested in design history and Poland’s past. Remember to keep your eye out for some of the remaining old neons which are still ‘in-situ’ around Warsaw - for example the brilliant ‘Netball Player’ on Plac Konstytucji, the ‘Dancing’ sign on Nowy Świat or the 'Miło Cię Widzieć' (nice to see you) neon on Gdański Bridge over the River Vistula.

We invite you to visit the Neon Muzeum – one of the most popular destinations in Warsaw – and marvel at these brilliant and rare cold war era neon signs !


The world’s first Polish Vodka Museum with tasting

day 3 - Ticket - English guide (16:30)

Embark a 70-minute tour as you learn about the history of Polish Vodka presented by a qualified guide. Discover 5 interactive galleries in the Vodka Museum in Warsaw's Praga district. Enjoy a 20-minute vodka-tasting lesson at the Vodka Academy.

Poland’s new museum of vodka, the world’s first, is fast becoming one the country’s go-to destinations. Hosted within the grounds of the former Koneser distillery at the heart of Warsaw’s Praga-Północ district, the museum will celebrate more than 500 years of vodka history in the country.

Vodka distilling from both cereals and potatoes has a proud tradition in Poland, and is on the EU’s list of Protected Geographical Indications. The museum’s multimedia exhibition rooms showcase several aspects of the country’s vodka heritage, celebrating the local manufacturing tradition through the ages and exploring aspects of the distilling craft such as the raw materials used, as well as shining a light on some of the ways in which vodka has shaped local culture. The museum also hosts a Vodka Academy Bar offering tastings and training workshops, and a lounge bar where visitors can sample cocktails.

The post-industrial, red brick Koneser distillery complex, once home to flagship Polish vodka brands Wyborowa and Luksusowa, is being redeveloped to feature a mix of apartments, offices and art galleries, as well as bars, restaurants and shops.

The concept for the interior and the exhibition was designed by renowned Polish designer Mirosław Nizio’s architectural studio (Nizio Design International). The Museum, which opened to the public in June 2018, was led by The Polish Vodka Foundation is part funded by the European Union. A general investor of commercial part of the building is Pernod Ricard, the global producer of distilled beverages.


Table Reservation at Signature Restaurant (Michelin awarded)

day 5 - Table Reservation (20:00) - Menu Ala Carte

Beautifully preserved hammer and sickle embellishments from the time when the building housed a Soviet legation and embassy, restored 1960s Oswald chairs, Serga lighting fixtures, original Milton Greene photographs of Marilyn Monroe and a glassed-in patio are just some of the elements which distinguish the Signature.

Chef Wojciech Kilian’s culinary creations emphasise seasonal food, with Polish accents and sophisticated flavours.

An original menu where 90 per cent of the ingredients are organic. Wojciech Kilian searches for distinctive flavour combinations of his own invention, inspired by the culinary arts of such masters as Thomas Keller and the Roca brothers. The quality and originality of the Signature’s cuisine is confirmed by the prestigious awards and distinctions the restaurant has received, including a couvert & Two Forks in the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Michelin Guide, given to the best restaurants in Europe, and a first and third prize in the highly-respected Food & Wine Noble Night in 2014.


Transfer from accommodation to airport

Private Luxury (Sedan)
04/11/2020 ECONOMY
Warsaw Okecie / 11:25
LOT Polish Airlines LO 615 LOT Polish Airlines
1h 45m 0 PC Nonstop
13:10 Ljubljana

Cena se lahko spremeni skladno z zasedenostjo kapacitet.


Jesenske barve Varšave: polet iz Ljubljane + 5 x nočitev z zajtrkom v hotelu 5* + doživetja + transferji
Jesenske barve Varšave: polet iz Ljubljane + 5 x nočitev z zajtrkom v hotelu 5* + doživetja + transferji